Our Perfect Idea

is a full service creative studio, which means we’re tooled up and ready to roll on a wide range of projects spanning brand design, visual communication with UX as the core of our solutions. All of these fuelled by passion, professionalism, regular cups of coffee and juices. We believe good design absolutely must represent a company or product in a fresh, intriguing way. But above all, it must inspire more of the people you care about reaching, to care about what you do. In the end, it must help you transform even the smallest market advantage into a significant competitive edge.

So expect us to put our heart, soul – and our right-brained bottom-line thinking – into every project. Design is an integral part of every successful business, and we are focused on creating visual solutions that solve very specific challenges. At Ideaperfect the team brings 10 years of the design and brand market experience.

IPC is Conceived by


    Ruche – Creative Mind

    Ruche – our “Radhekrishna Grl” comes with a rich experience of Business Handling + Development along with Graphic Design. For her LIFE IS ABOUT EXPERIENCES and she enjoys travelling, eating, reading, playing games, learning etc…

    For past five years she has been working with start-ups and regional brands in and around Kolkata & Bangalore and has given solutions for retail industry to hospitality to education…

    Ruche was exposed to GRAPHIC DESIGN in the year 2006 @ Arena Multimedia and her instinct to learn the subject more indepth led her to Wigan & Leigh College, Kolkata. With the graphic design knowledge and exposure to business culture at home, she jumped into the world of freelancing… She is also certified by Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad India @ GSS 10k women program and is 1 in 10,000 women entrepreneurs across the world to udnergo complete business learning session with ISB.

    Her questions on business and thirst for solutions inspired her enough to initiate HEN India – Her Entrepreneurial Network – a platform to bring Indian Women entrepreneurs together to inspire, inform & support each other to create successful businesses along with balanced lives.


    Saloni – Creative Heart

    Saloni leads & inspires the design team by setting the creative standard – continually demonstrating her brilliant conceptual thinking and strong design craftsmanship. She brings her excitingly diverse international experience across branding, packaging, retail and print design to the studio. Prior to moving back to India, she worked with some of London’s leading brands after finishing her Masters in Advertising from University College Famouth, UK.

    With over 5 years at JWT, Kolkata , where she was sole responsibile for the creative output for design team, receiving various accolades for brand identity and environmental design. A passion for design led Saloni to “take a chance” in 2012—leaving behind a comfortable art director position and venturing into the entrepreneurial unknown.

    Now placed in Boston, Saloni nurtures an energetic and collaborative studio environment where imagination and bold ideas are encouraged to grow. Now plugging into the UX design arena, the quest for learning more never recedes in her.

    In all aspects of her life, Saloni believes in pushing boundaries and discovering the unexpected, while relishing the simple and the everyday; and it’s this dynamic yet down-to-earth stance makes everyone adore her.

    What We Do?

      Fostering an open environment with a belief that every direction needs to be explored, we work hard to find just what will work for your business. It starts with defining a problem, then covering the walls with solutions – then covering them again and again. “This leave no stone unturned approach” is what has put us at the top of the creative, producing work that get results and get noticed. And our biggest idea to date is the way we choose to work.

      Starting with the right plan is essential in almost anything. And the branding space is no different.

      More and more, this is how a brand connect with its target audience and creates its space in the society. So, it’s got to be visible, in the right place, and engaging enough for your customers to interact. That’s why we dedicate time up front to lay a roadmap for your business. It’s our way of ensuring your brand appears front-and-centre with big ideas that work to propel your business forward in print and digital media.

      That’s why we consider it one of our main tasks to create work that encourages interaction without being pushy. It’s not so much a soft approach as it is a smart and respectful one. This type of thinking definitely makes us work harder to produce ideas that get noticed, but it is also an integral part in keeping your brand in good standing with potential customers.

      The best Website you can make. UX is what we believe in!

      A substance over style approach may work for those who receive a one-on-one introduction, but we’re guessing that’s not going to be the best model for growing your business. So we’re here to give you a makeover. One that will have perfect strangers looking your way, throwing the wink and the gun, asking for your number and eager to get to know the real you.